Carders Croft was originally a site with a single detached house and garage. The seller of the site built the original house and had lived at the property for over 50 years but was very excited about the forthcoming development for 3 new detached homes. He visited the site weekly from start to finish and met all three new purchasers in person. The project ran very smoothly and on schedule.

Investors Celebrate

Investors Celebrate

Investors celebrate another successful development by Amiga Homes Ltd.

Existing investors are celebrating a fantastic 2017 thanks to the speed and expertise of Amiga Homes and the team.

Started on February 5th 2017 “Carders Croft” was a new build development of 3 detached 4/5 bedroom houses, all selling off plan.

The houses were built and the new owners moved in by November 2017.

Infact the buyers had all written glowing testimonials by 30th November.

The housing market is still providing to be an exciting place to be.